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apkg news

apkg 0.5.0

Released 2024-04-03

Compat Level 4 News

  • new custom template variables support
    • new template.variables config section
    • extend apkg status command with template variables sources status
    • new apkg info template-variables command
      • show all template variables by default
      • show custom variables per source with --custom
  • deb pkgstyle: include *.changes files in srcpkg/build output
    • many debian tools and workflows require *.changes files - comply
  • fix incorrect parsing of single compnent versions (1, 20240101, etc.)


apkg 0.4.2

Released 2023-08-08


  • re-introduce cached_property requirement to support Python <= 3.7

apkg 0.4.1

Released 2023-07-19


  • use modern python packaging through pyproject.toml
    • use hatchling for build
    • use PEP440 compatible versioning
    • support legacy setuptools for backward compat
    • improve archive and sdist generation
    • improve Debian packaging (pyproject build on Debian 12 and newer)
    • rename distro package to just apkg
    • support both blessed (maintained fork) and blessings for colors
  • arch pkgstyle improvements:
    • support Manjaro
    • only install --needed distro packages
    • require base-devel for apkg system-setup
  • deb pkgstyle improvements:
    • support Pop_OS! (Ubuntu derivative)
    • only require build-essential (not devscripts) on apkg system-setup
    • sort SUPPORTED_DISTROS alphabetically


  • fix distro alias ordering during template selection
  • handle exceptions introduced by upstream packaging.version changes

apkg 0.4.0

Released 2022-07-18

Compat Level 3 News

  • new apkg test packaging tests runner based on Debian autopkgtest
  • new apkg info command with subcommands to display various info:
    • apkg info cache: show apkg cache contents
    • apkg info config: show apkg project configuration
    • apkg info distro: show current distro information
    • apkg info distro-aliases: list available distro aliases
    • apkg info pkgstyles: list available packaging styles
    • apkg info upstream-version: show detected project upstream version
  • new apkg clean command to clean output dir pkg/
    • apkg clean: remove apkg output directory pkg/
    • apkg clean --cache: remove apkg cache file pkg/.cache.json
    • apkg clean --hard: HARD RESET project from VCS and remove extra files
  • new include_raw tag available from templates to include files without templating
  • support for AlmaLinux in rpm pkgstyle (almalinux)


  • command runner was refactored using asyncio
    • run() can tee command output - it's finally possible to both read and display stdout at the same time resulting in better real-time/log output and debugging when invoking external commands
    • run() logging was fixed and improved, use -L verbose to see all commands run in the background
  • cache was refactored to be more flexible and reliable in edge cases
    • cache false positives should no longer appear
    • individual cache targets can be configured indpendently
    • only source cache is disabled when VCS isn't available
    • new cache docs as well as updated other docs with useful info and links
  • new minimal example project examples/minimal-no-git


  • fix package manager detection in rpm pkgstyle
  • parse makedepends as well as depends in arch pkgstyle
  • fix --archive/--upstream operation in build-dep
  • don't install 0 build deps
  • use temporary dir for archive unpack (more reliable)

apkg 0.3.1

Released 2021-11-04


  • follow symlinks when rendering templates

apkg 0.3.0

Released 2021-11-03

Compat Level 2 News


  • new apkg compat command and compat docs
  • apkg will refuse to work with projects with newer compat level
  • new minimal templating example examples/templates
  • sort apkg srcpkg output for determinism
  • update and extend docs (new pages: compat, distro, users)


  • fix false positive cache hits in special cases
  • CI fixes and improvements

apkg 0.2.0

Released 2021-07-13


  • support Rocky Linux through rpm pkgstyle
  • support Nix through new nix pkgstyle
  • align apkg install with other commands and extend functionality
  • extend CI to test apkg install on supported distros
  • extend CI with new integration tests against apkg itself to ensure full apkg pipeline (including install) works on supported distros
  • improve apkg archive creation script
  • remove problematic htmllistparse dependency in favor of using beautifulsoup4 directly


  • handle unset $PWD when running external commands
  • fail on unexpected input files in srcpkg
  • fix docs build

Incompatible Changes ⚠

  • apkg install now works on project source by default like other commands (srcpkg, build). Old behavior of installing custom packages is available through -C/--custom-pkgs option.
  • -i/--install-dep option of apkg build was renamed to -b/--build-dep to remove ambiguity. Old alias still works but it's deprecated an will be removed in future versions.

apkg 0.1.1

Released 2021-06-09

  • first apkg beta release